It's Fine

by Wes Martian

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It may be half-assed, minimally practiced, and pre-pubescent, but it's fine


released August 8, 2016

Album Art by mother nature
Everything else by Me



all rights reserved


Wes Martian Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Cloud Hazing
I like looking at the clouds,
They can be whatever
Shape they wanna be
And so can I but then
I realize they're just fill of rain and
They're clouds that pass.

I wanna go places but I got things to do
I can't I can't I can't I can't
I can't

The meadow is where I dream,
I woke up and the bobcat bit my arm off
So I bit him back and
We stumbled through the grass until I
Realized we are equal.

The sun never looked so important,
And I think that I am for a short while
But the man draws nearer and I hide the words...

Just give up

Unity should be easy
Privileges are not.
The leader doth follow once more.

I like looking at the clouds.
Track Name: Dead Weight (Common Citizen)
I've never been hungry in my life
I used to run around thinking that it's my world
Caught up in the bullshit
Caught up with the TV screen
Caught up in the useless crap that makes us
Lose ourselves

They watch the newscast in horror
Then go right back to enjoying their supper
It's not my problem it's not my life
Why should I care I've worked my ass off
For this big house & this clean-cut family
It's what the man refuses to admit
Refuses to admit

I've never been abused in my life
Only used because I'll never I'll know what it's like
To live with shattered heads and tattered threads and
Fighting to taste the last drop
Make it stop

Fuck you you're not reasonable,
You're a useless troll,
An empty hole

Dead weight
Dead weight
Dead weight.